Two Yellow Lines

On a simply visual level, Two Yellow Lines refers to the yellow painted lines that run down the middle of most of the Oceanside Route - Highway 19A - on Vancouver Island. This long line is both graphic and colourful. On another level these yellow lines also serve to both connect and divide the communities it runs between and through.

I am immensely proud to be debuting the series on August 1st as the featured Showcase at ArtCraft, in Mahon Hall on Salt Spring Island. This is a major solo show with over a dozen images from this series. 

The first few images in this series were debuted as New Work #1-#4 at Gallery 8 in December 2012 as part of their Christmas Exhibition of Small Works. These images were very well received and encouraged me to continue the series which became Two Yellow Lines. 

New Work #1-#4 were shown as Artist Proofs at Gallery 8 in December 2012 and may have subsequently been reprinted and renamed as part of the Two Yellow Lines series.

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