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April 2014: Empty Places - Open Space

I have the privilege of being one of the organizers for Empty Places - Open Spaces. This group show at ArtSpring is an art show about personal grief - an exploration by each artist of their own emotional responses to a death close to them.


Gallery 8's Annual Christmas Show of Small Works
Gallery 8's annual Christmas Show starts November 29th 2013, and includes something a little different this year. The Gallery's talented artists have been asked to create pieces that are just 8 x 8 inches. I found this and interesting challenge to work towards, and I'm confident I've achieved something worthwhile. I've included 4 images called Empty Windows, and two abstract diptychs called White on Black, and Black on White I'm definitely also looking forward to seeing how the entire show looks after it has been hung.  

Empty Windows #1

Spring 2014 Workshops are coming soon...

From the technical to the creative, from Lightroom to iPhoto to composition, there will be a full range of sessions offered. Bookmark this page and check back for updates. Or use the handy request form to the right and I will email you when the dates are announced.

Symbolically 8 show - A great success!

I brought this piece to the annual spring Gallery 8 show, called Symbolically 8.  It is about travel, returning home, and being a Canadian.  Though it shows very well as a single piece, it is actually made up of 9 separate plaques.  The middle plaque is "Symbolically 8", and the surrounding images are 8 variations on that one image. 

Symbolically 8 with 8 Variations - 2013.

180.002 berkowitz


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