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Introduction To Adobe's Lightroom

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Lightroom is Adobe's powerful digital asset manager, RAW processor, and editing tool. It is  used to organize your photo libraries; to rate, tag, and find your images nearly effortlessly; to easily edit your images by putting the most frequently used tools right at your fingertips; and finally, to print and/or export your images in their final format.

Introduction To Apple's iPhoto: For Artists

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Finding specific photos on your computer can be done easily and quickly when you have the right tools. Apple’s iPhoto can be that tool for many artists with large and unwieldy libraries of photos of their work or images they refer to for reference or inspiration.

In this workshop you will learn how to use Apple’s iPhoto to store and retrieve your photos using key-words, ratings, and labels. …

Basic Photographic Composition

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The foundation to making good photographs is understanding the basics of composition that are controlled in the camera. This course will explore how Focal Length, Aperture, and the Shutter Speeds are used to create the images you want to make through in-class examples and hands-on practice.

Documenting Your Art: For Artists

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This course is for the artists who creates two-dimensional art, and needs to accurately document it for grant applications, on-line portfolios, sales brochures, etc.

This hands-on workshop will teach you simple lighting techniques for photographing flat art. We will also look at some basic concepts for working with images on the computer.


Ganges - Vesuvius Bay

For those times when you just need a couple of hours of coaching on one particular topic. 

You set the topic, the time, and the place. We can cover photographic composition, technical aspects of the camera, working with images in the computer, how to use software, or whatever.  We can meet in my studio and work with studio lights, or go into the meadow and work outside.  

Advanced Composition: Exploring Sequences

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If you are an intermediate photographer, maybe  it's time to explore some advanced compositional ideas?

This session focuses on a single concept: ‘Sequences’, and is just the thing to get those creative juices flowing. This hands-on full day workshop explores the idea with the creation of sequences in the camera, and using Photoshop. 

Combo Specials

Bring a friend or family member to a workshop, and save 20% on the 2nd workshop fee, when you  pay for both people at the same time.

I am happy to offer a session just for you and your friends, club or guild. The session can be tailored for your needs. Please call me to arrange the details.

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