Two images that sprang from two entirely different ideas, but then drew together into an interesting sequence.  The image that was first started was (untitled) Study in Series - Part of the series "How many pixels does it take to make a photograph?"  -  to give it it's full name.  I had a clear concept of what I wanted, and worked at it to bring it to finality.  The other image just sort of 'happened'. 

I had spend considerable time working up the white grid pattern in Study of a Series, and on whim I transformed the grid to black, and started to remove the other elements of Study in a Series until all I had was a black grid on a white.  And it looked pretty good - though of course still not complete.   The images that make up (untitled) Study of a Chair are of an old chair from the historic Mahon Hall, here on Salt Spring.

Both images are 16x20 inches, and are pigment on paper.  

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