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November 2013 - I've included 6 images in this year's Gallery 8 Christmas Small Works Show. Four images are the start of new series called Empty Windows, and also two abstract diptychs called Black on White and White on Black.

Empty Windows #4

January 2013  - Something new, something yellow.  I've started a new series - for now it's called "The Yellow Series".

yellow series 05

January 2013  - There are also some new images in the Two Yellow Line series gallery.  These were taken in January 2013.

two yellow lines 04

December 2012 - Gallery 8 exhibited 4 of my pieces during their annual Christmas Exhibition of Small Works. For that show I debuted 4 pieces from a new series called Two Yellow Lines.

new work 3

August 2012 - For the 2012 edition of PhotoSynthesis (celebrating the best of island photography) I have created a 360º panoramic at the entrance to Grace Point Square.  To view this image a person will stand inside the photograph.  Very Cool.  I will post some photos of it once it is installed.  This piece is called "Glads".

Glads pano ©Seth Berkowitz

July 2012 - I am thrilled to announce that I am now represented by Gallery 8 in Ganges, on Salt Spring Island BC.  The pieces that Gallery 8 has initially accepted are from my 180 Series, which are abstracts.

180.001 berkowitz

June 2012 - I participated in the The 3rd Annual Fine Art Signature Showcase, running from June 29th to July 7th.  For this show I created a montage of 64 'post cards' of Salt Spring, some drawn from my continuing Random Noise Project and some shot specifically for this piece.  It measures 33" x 49", mounted on an aluminium composite substrate.

Seth B 8x10-150

2011 - (selected)

For the 11th annual PhotoSynthesis show I continued my Random Noise Project.  I have put out a second limited edition book Where Am I Going? that continues to explore this theme.  For this installation, I am showing a selection of the signs found along the roads on Salt Spring Island.  There are still a few copies of the book available for purchase.

Where Am I Going p00

Ganges - Vesuvius Bay © Seth Berkowitz

2011 Easter Art Tour - "Who Am I & Why Am I doing this?"

This, the first phase of the Random Noise Project project, was presented as "Why Am I doing this?", a joint show with Thea Chapman.  The combined show was called "Who Am I & Why Am I doing this?" with each of us exploring the "Who" or the "Why".  This event was held as part of the 10th annual SSAC Easter Art Tour.  The accordion book on the table (bleow) forms part of Thea Chapman's exploration for the show, "Who Am I?" and the prints on the wall were from my book.


For the show I created an limited edition book (sold out) plus five 16x20 prints, pinned to the wall (above). 

The book, Why Am I doing this? incorporated 256 of my Polaroid manipulations, a few of which you can see above reproduced as prints.  Several copies of the book were also installed on the wall, each opened to a different page.

For some of the images in book I used a scanned version of the Polaroid. For other images I used the Polaroids as mosaic tiles, and used the tiles to re-create a non-Polaroid image (below).

why am i doing this 1

Late Me © Seth Berkowitz

2010 - (selected)

In 2009 & 2010, between building a house and tending to a family member, I was not able to work as much as I might have otherwise.  

PhotoSyn Chair-v5-F 4x5

But I was able to complete two images for the annual Photosynthesis show.  I was pleased how they turned out, and I felt that I was able to expand some of the explorations I have been making about pixels, and the ideas of what a photographic image is.

Click here to go to the gallery.

(Untitled) Study of a Chair © Seth Berkowitz

2009 - (selected)

In 2009 I was honoured to be able to participate in the first annual Masterpiece Weekend here on Salt Spring.  I created two pieces,  untitled (to d.flavin)  and  untitled (vancouver).   These were inspired by a visit to the Dan Flavin Art Institute in Bridgehampton, NY.  


The total immersion in pure colour made a powerful impact on me, and I wanted to express that feeling with these two pieces.  The untitled (to d. flavin)  is a digital montage of images taken during the trip that took us to the Dan Flavin show.  None of the colours in this piece are "false".  They are, as much as my equipment allows, faithful renditions of the washes of colour onto the gallery's walls.  The second piece, untitled (vancouver)  is entirely made up of false colours.  Vancouver in the winter can be, shall we say, a bit bleak.  So I coloured it up a bit.

Both pieces are printed on Duratrans and backlit.  It was the best way, I thought, to capture the essence of what I felt at the Flavin show.

Pre-2009 - (selected)

In the past few years I have been working on creating images that combine different photographic elements - creating a new image from photographs. 


TAGD-BoulevardSome come out as montages, and others are created using a multiple of mediums.  What is consistent is that I only use my own photographs to work with.

The montages can take a considerable amount of time to create, as scores of photographs are initially created or evaluated for inclusion in the final image.  

Click here to see more pre-2009 work.

Manipulated Polaroid SX-70 Work - (selected)

Until Polaroid discontinued the film several years ago, one of my favourite photographic mediums to work in was the SX-70 Polaroid Manipulations.  The images created had a painterly feel, and each was a unique work.  


The SX-70 camera would eject the print after each exposure.  It started out grey, but after several minutes the image would start to appear.  At that point I would start my manipulations on the emulsion of the Polaroid print, squeezing it and smushing it to and fro.  After about 20 minutes the print would be done - for better or for worse.  Each print was unique.

I found I liked working the film when it was warm, so most of my images were done during the summer.

 Click here to see more SX-70 manipulations.

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